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Custom Pools Long Island Inc. has been building outdoor kitchens on Long Island for over 20 years! We’ve developed countless backyard living experiences, contact us to discuss your options today!

Outdoor Kitchen Design & Installation

An outdoor kitchen is more than just a place to grill .It’s also the center of backyard fun, from family barbecues to summer cocktail parties. It’s important that your outdoor kitchen accommodate the way you’ll actually use the space and easily integrate into your yard.

Indoors, the kitchen serves as the heart of your home. Outdoors, it can be equally central. For instance, a conveniently located cooking station is easier to keep stocked. Likewise, a house-hugging outdoor kitchen doesn’t compromise your natural surroundings, leaving you free to enjoy them equally well from both the house and your outdoor space.

Smooth , rustic and contemporary . just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an outdoor kitchen. This efficient outdoor kitchenette takes up only a small corner, yet has everything you need for outdoor dining.

Open concept spaces are all the rage in modern design. These custom built open spaces provide a free flow format. An L- Shape kitchen is one example . This leaves ample room for people to walk through and around , and providing ample space counter space to cook.


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