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Let us install your custom water feature! At Custom Pools Long Island we love to take on custom projects that really showcase our experience and creativity.

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We specialize in custom fire and water features for your home

Custom Pools Long Island Inc. is a premier supplier of luxury gunite swimming pool services. From custom free-form pools to pavilions, spas, and decks, our list of Long Island swimming pool services is unparalleled.—the #1 Long Island NY Local Gunite Pool installer. Our expert team specializes in the following:


Our team is dedicated to designing and installing high-quality indoor water features for any space. From hotels, restaurants, or homes, we create a tranquil environment that only an artificial waterfall can provide. Our skillful fabrication allows us to turn ordinary pool designs into something beautiful without sacrificing durability, so you always have your desired look no matter the occasion!
The custom designs are just one thing about our company worth noticing because what sets us apart from other companies? We work hard to create the luxury feel that only an artificial pond or waterfall can provide by using our skills with utmost care.


Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a custom water feature in your space? Whether for your home or business, Midwest Tropical is the name you need to know. Contact us today to request a quote. Or, see how custom indoor waterfalls, made with help from our in-house design team, can transform your space.


We offer a variety of custom pool water features, take a look at some of our options below! Have a new idea not listed? We are always up for the challenge, simply fill out a contact form here.

Swim-Up Bar

custom pool water feature of a swim up bar

Think of the swim-up bar as an opportunity for guests to get closer with each other. It’s a conversation space that encourages interaction, but also allows more people at once to be able to enjoy your pool without feeling crowded or overheated!

elegant pool water feature of a waterfall

The flow of water from a waterfall will keep your pool clean and algae-free. Not to mention the sound of water falling over rocks is tranquil and calming, it’s a great way to liven up any backyard space. The natural movement creates clear waters, which looks great in any backyard! A waterfall can also be an excellent feature for those who want more than just sunbathing on their pool deck.

custom pool water feature of a pool fire and waterfall

You can add a fiery touch to your pool with fire features. Nearby, friends and family will enjoy the warmth while you entertain them by cooking or playing games near water that’s on fire! It’s not just about adding more light, but also creating an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting with flames dancing high into the night sky!

gunite pool with custom pool water feature of LED lights

The great thing about these lights is that they’re durable and long lasting, so you can enjoy the reduced energy costs and long lasting nature of these LED pool lights. Plus with their lower power consumption it will save on electricity costs, with a much lower frequency in repairs.

custom water pool feature of a bubbler

The sound of water flowing out of the column and into your pool sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? This is because while you’re sleeping or just trying to relax during those hot days in August, this process helps keep things cool by pumping oxygen from beneath surface waters.

custom pool water feature of a laminar/deck jet

The sound of water lapping against the side of your pool will help you relax in an environment where distractions are few. And with all these added jets and lights, it’s like being at one big spa day! These features make for an excellent atmosphere inside – especially if there are colorful LED lights on the deck jet machines!

Custom Slides

custom pool water feature of a custom pool slide

This is an awesome idea for adults too! Why should kids get all the fun? Installing a custom slide can bring enjoyment and an eye-catching talking point for your summer BBQs. What’s more fun than a great backyard pool? Custom slides are the perfect addition to any family gathering, and they’ll make all of your friends jealous.

custom pool water feature of a spillway

Not only are spillways elegant, they allow water to flow without causing corrosion on surfaces below it, which helps protect the integrity and safety features in your facility
A spillway’s main function is that they provide constant circulation so these elements don’t have time or opportunity for calcium build-up due only periodic flooding events

custom pool water feature of a recycled fountain hot tub

What’s not to love about a beautiful fountain that also helps keep your pool clean and safe? You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is for you when adding one of these fountains. What are some reasons people might choose not to have one, though they could really use their extra beauty on those hot summer days!

custom pool water feature of a beach entry

If you have small children who need to be walked safely into the pool, then a beach entryway is perfect for your needs. Choosing an extended area of shallow water in front of their play area will make them feel more confident about playing outside without supervision!

Diving Rock

custom pool water feature of a jump rock

If you want a natural-looking entry point for your custom pool surround made of stone, then consider installing an arching diving rock. Diving rock slides are a great way to add that natural, aquatic feel for your custom pool surround. The diving board-like appearance will make guests think they’re at home on the beach!

Outdoor Shower

custom pool water feature of an outfoor bathroom with an outdoor shower

The outdoor shower is the perfect addition to any pool because it allows you to not only clean up and change in comfort, but also ensure that your clothes stay dry. No more walking through the house dripping with water when all can rinse outside!

Tanning Ledge

custom pool water feature of a tanning ledge in a gunite pool

The tanning ledge provides a safe spot for swimming, but also allows you to enjoy the sun without getting too wet. With only inches of water on its surface and gentle slopes that will keep your little ones dry this is an excellent option when enjoying time by poolside with friends or family members

Custom Pools Long Island Has Been Proudly Hand-Crafting Luxury Gunite Swimming Pools For 30+ Years.

Proudly part of the Long Island Community

Creating & Designing Custom Pool Water Features.

Custom Pools Long Island designs and installs custom water features of all types. We excel in creating an elegant atmosphere with our unique projects that can be added to any property, giving it the finishing touch anyone deserves!

Who is Custom Pools Long Island?

We are a custom-pools and landscaping company that specializes in creating the perfect space for you to enjoy your summer fun. We offer our clients many services, including designing an incredible swimming pool with all of its amenities–from waterfalls and swim jets at one end or more relaxing spas near windows where people can sit while sipping on some prohibited fruit drinks (we won’t tell). Whatever design ideas come into mind; whether it be fountains playing music under bridge-style lights across each side—whatever!–we’ll make sure they become a reality! Want to know more about us? View more information here.

Why Custom Pools Long Island?

Whether you need a small side garden waterfall complete with LED lights running along its length –or an entire patio lined by stately fountains–we have got exactly what you’re looking for. Our portfolio includes a wealth of residential pools, water shapes, spas, cabanas and backyards – all designed with the utmost attention to detail and uncompromising craftsmanship. Our clients only expect the best in craftsmanship and quality. We test them thoroughly to ensure everything is working properly before installation, limiting problems and delays. Want to know more about us? View more information here.


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Based on 9 reviews
Judy Watek
Judy Watek
We had the pleasure of working with Tony and Bella this past summer on our inground pool. They did an amazing job! Customer service was exceptional! Great people to work with!
Nicholas G E
Nicholas G E
Tony was able to nail the design of my project and completely turned my idea into a reality. Definitely Worth It!
Helen Wissing
Helen Wissing
If you seek a Custom Pool Contractor who possesses a strong work ethic, a master at his craft, one who truly commits to the project, and one who supports their customers any time, day or night, then look no further. It has been our experience that Custom Pools embodies the highest standard of these attributes. Tony, Anabella and the Team at Custom Pools installed a beautiful Gunite pool for us in our new home. We could not be be happier with them, their product and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality custom pool. Thanks to everyone at Custom Pools.
Paula Alvarez
Paula Alvarez
Tony and Anabela were the full package. They handled everything. Their customer service was impeccable and I felt at ease the entire process. Their staff was amazing and so very careful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for their services.
Maria Trimarchi
Maria Trimarchi
Signed up with Custom Pools last year .They installed a gunite pool for me . Not the cheapest but you pay for what you get..... amazing work and very responsive . Best choice ever .
Meris Alvarado
Meris Alvarado
We have had the pleasure of working with Tony and Anabella when they built our in ground pool. Tony did amazing job and exceeded our expectations. We have received a tremendous amount of compliments from our guest. Overall experience was very pleasant, Tony and his crew were very professional. Tony ensured that my criteria were met and constantly provided me with ideas for the layout design. He went above and beyond and guaranteed customer satisfaction. - Meris
Paul Polito
Paul Polito
I met Tony and Anabela of Custom pools through a friend. It was the best introduction. I engaged with Tony and Anabela to install an in ground pool and remodel the exterior of my house. We are done with the project and I must say the workmanship and design of my project is incredible. They transformed the exterior of the house including the pool like a resort. I would recommend Custom Pools to every person I know. The design, quality of workmanship, the interaction with the project design from start to finish has been the best I have ever experienced. There is no doubt in my mind if you are looking to install a pool and exterior redesign of your home, call Tony and Anabela. They are #1 in my book
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